X Marks The Spot


X-Mode helps solve for "x" by using real-time location solutions to power our partners in advertising, trading, market research, real estate, college safety, and nightlife.

In the past 2 years, with a combination of our partners plus owned and operated apps, we've been able to acquire a total of 8 Million Daily Active Users (30 Million Monthly Active Users) in the U.S. while pulling location in real-time.


To build our 100 million device graph, we are both activating and building new location assets via our SDK and through creation of our own apps. Over the next 3-5 years, we hope to build a graph of 100 million users to map out 33% of the U.S. Population.

Analysts want a highly accurate location panel in scale to improve their business decisions. However, the largest solution is roughly 10 Million – only about 3% of the U.S. Population.

Fueled by innovation and creativity

X-Mode strives to build user-centric technologies utilizing geolocation data to make a living map of the world around us. 

We power you to live your life while bringing convenience to all.

our Goal

Help our clients monetize their applications to live their dreams.

Best of all, we can do it with no UX changes and no ads

So what makes us different?

We believe in transparency, prompt payment, and providing a living wage for data. We cut through all the BS in the data space because when it comes to innovating your data, there is no geofence.

Meet the Team

Kevin Johnson

Content Marketing Specialist

Joseph Green

Content Creator

Michael Fraino

Web Editor

Justin Talia

Full Stack Engineer

Gabriel Jensen

Senior iOS Engineer

Nick Reeder

Lead iOS Engineer

Sharif Alexandre

Senior Backend Engineer

Brandon Geise

Backend Engineer

Daniel Robbins

Backend Engineer

Tom Anderson


Jeff Tennery


Nick Farinella


Donnie Yancey


Rob Masri


Keith Petri


Damon Devito


Alisa Yaffa


Ben Young


Kush Jenkins


Hannah Yum

Operations Research Analyst

Mary Hall

Operations Research Analyst

Sebastian Medina

Junior Sales

Jimi Tele

Junior Sales

Larry Everling

Senior Sales

Vijay Doraiswamy

Junior Sales

Saif Butt

Junior Sales

Amanda Jaramillo

Senior Sales

Nick Farinella

Senior Sales

Sarah Grosz

Junior Sales

Mary Souther

Senior Sales

Steve Poore

Senior Sales

Tan Tmangraksat

Senior Sales

Travis Benson

Junior Sales

Laura Medina

Junior Sales

Denisha Brekke

Senior Sales

Rahul Bajaj

Sales Analyst

Joshua Anton

chief executive officer

Jacob Ellenburg

Chief Marketing Officer

Daquan Page


Chris Ceresini

Chief Financial Officer

Jamie Thompson

VP of Operations

TJ Wilson

Director of SALES

Jessica Simmons

Director of MARKETING