Advertising Segments

the problem

Websites like Facebook offer no targeted advertising based on the people’s actual location. These sites can tell you what customers “like”, but when it comes to how people actually spend their time, they’re clueless.

Why spend money on ads that aren’t reaching your audience?

the Solution

X-Mode will create a custom Facebook ad audience that targets only people who actually spend time in locations relevant to your industry.

the technology

Our battery-efficient Software Development Kit pulls 100+ latitude/longitude points a day per user, with a 60% accuracy within 20 meters. X-Mode brings clarity to:

Competitive Analysis

Time of Day Analysis

Brand Affinity

Frequency and Dwell Time

why us

X-Mode maps 3% of the U.S. population daily and 15% of the U.S. population monthly. Machine learning sifts through this data to find YOUR relevant Facebook target audience.

Real foot traffic

Higher conversion rate

More money for you

"X-Mode has helped us zero in on our target audience, amplify our paid marketing dollars effectiveness, and cut our CPC considerably" 

- Upsie

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