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Data Licensing

Down to Data?

Data Licensing

Down to Data?

About Our Data

We empower your company.

We want to create the modern-day offline cookie that empowers companies to build great products with high quality, always on location data. With a passion for innovation, transparency, and privacy, X-Mode aims to be your trusted partner in location. Let us help you create a more connected tomorrow.

Our data comes with universal features for any client.

Telematic fields

  • Speed, bearing, and vertical accuracy
  • Tech Signals (IoT)
  • Beacons
  • 1 HZ while driving

Quality Data

  • 150+ points per DAU
  • Device IDs for 3+ weeks


  • Exclusive publisher relationships
  • Reduces overlap of buying the same data set 2-3x over


  • Direct mobile app publisher relationships
  • Automated privacy compliance (CCPA, GDPR)
  • No ad based SDKs, no bidstream
  • You know where your data’s coming from


  • 60M+ Global MAU
  • 400+ mobile app publishers with our XDK
  • 25%+ of the Adult U.S. population monthly
  • Up to 10% of the monthly in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Australia, Singapore, U.K., Spain, Italy, and France
Advertising Technology


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Leverage X-Mode’s data to power and develop your attribution and measurement solutions.

Retail Attribution

X-Mode gives you the power to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, where potential customers see Facebook advertisements for your store. X-Mode gives you that ability to validate if the customer visited your store within hours or days after seeing your ad online.

TV / Radio Attribution

A potential customer sees or hears your ad on TV. We match the timestamp and the media device that the ad was shown to X-Mode’s IoT to Device Panel (Beacons, IoT, GPS) to validate who saw your ad.

  • Device IDs are seen 15 days a month, on average.
  • We can send data for near-real time attribution.

“Our partnership with X-Mode allows us to fuel our products with app-derived background location data that is precise, compliant and also provides us with transparency—all traits that are equally important to adsquare and our clients.”

Christoph Herwig—AdSquare

Advertising Technology


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Leverage our location data with high quality polygons, mobility metrics, and signal data to ensure you are targeting the right users based on visitation.

Retargeting Campaigns

Upsie wants to target folks who have just bought a new phone because they sell an affordable low cost warranty program. They use X-Mode’s data to target 1M+ users a month whom have been in a Best Buy, Apple Store, and T-Mobile in the past 48 hours.

  • 1 billion + global visits to retail locations monthly
  • Venue name, category, dwell time, and confidence score across all visits

“X-Mode has helped us zero in on our target audience, amplify our paid marketing dollars effectiveness, and cut our CPC considerably.”

Ryan Wickard—Upsie

Advertising Technology

Out of Home

Leverage X-Mode’s data to power and develop your attribution and measurement solutions.

Kiosk and billboard retargeting

X-Mode can send data in near-real time of folks who have walked by their kiosk or billboard to retarget them online based on when they walked by the kiosk.

This kiosk company matches the timestamp of when the ad was shown to the timestamp of when the device ID was near the kiosk to verify an impression.

  • Data in near-real time (4 hours of age)
  • Add context around a visit by leveraging sensors and IoT device scanning.
Financial Technology
Peace of mind.

X-Mode is removing the blackbox of location-based trading by giving our clients full transparency on how data is collected and refined.

Financial Technology

Predictive Trend Analysis

Harness the power of 3+ years of historical location data to understand financial trends and promote smarter investment strategies.

Will an electronics store miss or beat their revenue?

Electronic store stated they will not release stats on how many electronics were sold in a given quarter. X-Mode, with 3+ years of historical data mapped to ticker symbols and all their subsidiaries, can help a hedge fund predict if a stock is going to miss or beat their earnings based on comparing past and previous quarterly visitations.

Are chipotle sales really declining?

Did Chipotle really see a decrease in sales during their food poisoning scare? Or do their customers love burritos that much? Use location data to track consumer offline behavior and determine if the market is overreacting.

movement illustration
Smart Mobility
Analyzing movement.

Offering the right telematic fields at the right frequency for you to build life changing products.

Smart Mobility

Smart Cities

X-Mode collects accurate daily movement data for 15% of U.S. city populations.

Urban planning

Understand how populations flow in major urban centers to create mobility solutions for increased efficiency.

Mapping technology

Utilize X-Mode’s location data to improve mapping technology and provide consumers with the most up-to-date and accurate maps.

Infrastructure connectivity

Understand the network of surrounding Wifi and IoT sensor data to map the digital infrastructure of physical spaces, help cities connect sensor data across various platforms and detect irregularities in your infrastructure.

historical data image
Smart Mobility
Historical Data at scale.

We might not be the oldest, but we strive to be one of the most trusted. Users and developers stick with X-Mode for the long haul. Lower churn adds to the richness of our historical data.

Smart Mobility

Insurance and Risk Management

Quantify human behaviour to evaluate insurance opportunities and predict risk level.

How good are drivers in a zip code?

X-Mode helps telematic companies understand driver behavior on a census level to better augment their insurance rates rather than using gender and age combined with claims data as the sole input.

Using geolocation data, speed and bearing collected up to 1 hz frequency ‘only while driving’ powers telematic company’s ability to build better risk models around aggregated driving data.

  • All of our venues are mapped internally to tickers
  • 3+ years of historical location data across 2% of the population