Opt Out

Opt-out / Do Not Sell

You may manage your choices about certain information your Device shares with X-Mode and other apps through your Device’s settings by following these instructions:

  • For iOS mobile devices, navigate to “Settings” from your Device’s homes screen; select “Privacy”; select “Advertising”; and turn on “Limit Ad Tracking.”
  • For Android mobile devices, go to “Settings” on your device; select “Google Settings”; select “Ads”; and check the box labeled “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads.”

If you live in California and would like to opt-out of X-Mode’s data aggregation, you may also opt-out of X-Mode’s network directly by submitting your Advertising ID in the form below:

  1. Easily retrieve your iOS Advertising ID (IDFA) with X-Mode’s EasyOpt App. Our EasyOpt App is another way X-Mode is demonstrating our Privacy Focussed Initiative for our users. See it. Copy it. Paste it. Email it. One App providing 4 powerful features all for your convenience.
  2. To retrieve your Android Advertising ID download X-Mode’s EasyOpt App. The app will allow you to copy and paste your current Advertising ID into the field below.

IMPORTANT: An Advertising ID is a random string of 32 letters and numbers. X-Mode SDK technology does NOT gather/store any personal information such as name, phone number, or email. In order to identify your device and successfully complete the opt-out request, you must submit your Advertising Identifier — which can be obtained through one of the apps mentioned above. Thank you!