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Privacy Mode

Our Stance on Privacy.

Privacy Mode

Our Stance on Privacy.

About Privacy

We care about your privacy

We believe in an ethical data business grounded in privacy consciousness. Through product design and implementation, we strive to embody values of proactive privacy and user empowerment. Read our full privacy policy here.

What We’re Doing

Aggregating Foot-traffic Data.

We curate precise location data including latitude and longitude and relative location data including IoT signals. Our data is aggregated at the advertising ID level and associated to the device and not a physical person.

What We Don’t Gather

We never collect, handle, or store personally identifiable information (PII), such as your name, phone number, email, date of birth, or gender.

Why We’re Gathering Data

To Empower Innovation.

We use the location and advertising information for a few reasons, such as:
  • Targeting ads to your specific interests, and measuring ad campaign performance. Location makes ads more accurate and relevant.
  • Deriving Location-Based Visit Trend Analysis to promote smarter investing.
  • Developing smarter cities with mobility insights, informed urban planning, and traffic pattern optimization.

How We Gather

We work hard to provide our publishers with tools and recommendations, so users know what device data is curated and how device data is being used. Our privacy team stays on top of new developments in the legal sphere, including enforcement trends and requirements for the GDPR, CCPA, and upcoming regulations.

Your Data, You Decide

You’re in Control.

You can opt-out of data collection and sharing at any time by emailing us at privacy@xmodesocial.com, or by accessing opt-out mechanisms we describe in our Privacy Policy. If you’re located in California, then you have a right, under the CCPA, to opt-out of the sale of your information by utilizing X-Mode’s “Opt-out/Do Not Sell” Form. If you would like to reset your advertising identifier or limit ad-tracking, then go to your device settings and opt-out of interest-based and/or personalized advertising.