Free Location Data for COVID-19 Research.

Announcing X-Mode’s latest Data for Good offering: free location data for COVID-19 researchers on the Amazon Data Exchange.

Employee Spotlight: Trey Cahill, Backend Engineering Manager

Check out our monthly employee spotlight on our Backend Engineering Manager, Trey Cahill!

Location Data in Action: COVID-19 Impacts Foot Traffic in Grocery Stores, Gyms, and More.

X-Mode  leverages its location data panel to understand visitation patterns and foot traffic to key venues in cities impacted by COVID-19 across the country.

Location Data in Action: Heatmaps Help Track COVID-19 Across the Globe.

X-Mode and Tectonix use location data to track the changes in human movement in cities across the globe impacted by COVID-19.

Privacy Matters: X-Mode Releases New App, EasyOpt.

Location data privacy and transparency matter to X-Mode; read on to find out how we make it easy for users to opt out of our location platform!