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Picket Initiative

Premium Location
Data for Research.

Picket Initiative

Premium Location
Data for Research.

What is Picket?

Data with Integrity.

At X-Mode, we believe that great technology can help to build a better world. That’s why we launched Picket: to deliver the benefits of location data to everyone. By providing high quality data to researchers and policymakers, and collaborating on transformative social initiatives, Picket is helping to build a more equitable and sustainable future.
Premium Location Data

In an increasingly mobile world, reliable location data is more important than ever. Essential social services, from tracing the spread of disease to selecting the best sites for polling centers, must take into account real time crowd movement. Picket is here to provide location data for social impact.

A Wealth of Data

Our wealth of data includes over 1 billion total U.S. points, which gives the unique research capabilities you’re been searching for.

X-Mode’s Data Panel

The Industry Standard for Location

X-Mode is striving to set the new standard for accuracy and transparency in the location data industry. We collect high-standard data in near real-time with standout technologies while staying ahead of ongoing changes within the industry.

What is included in our Panel

  • Real time mobility, including speed, bearing, and altitude
  • 70% of points accurate within 20 meters or less
  • Over 850,000 hand-drawn polygons across the globe
  • 400+ exclusive app publishers
Use Case #1


See how academics at UVA used X-Mode’s data to create a dispatch system for emergency vehicles during a natural disaster.

Location and Disaster Response

Professor Natasha Zhang Foutz at the University of Virginia, along with colleagues at UVA, Old Dominion University, and the College of William & Mary, teamed up with X-Mode and the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, to develop a smarter, more efficient way to dispatch ambulances during and after a disaster. The study by Professor Foutz et. al. is, to their knowledge, “the first work for ambulance dispatching under dynamic catastrophic conditions.” Read more about how premium location data can make cities safer on our blog!

Use Case #2


Learn how X-Mode’s location data contributes to Sickweather, the world’s first hyperlocal illness prediction tool.

Building a Forecast for Illness

The team at Sickweather were looking to solve a problem: how do you determine the risk of disease exposure when you leave your house? Using proprietary algorithms based on social media data, and augmented by X-Mode’s location panel, Sickweather now tracks 28 different diseases and vectors. Learn more about Sickweather, and the ways that X-Mode empowers partners with location data, on our blog!

Use Case #3

Covid Alliance

Meet the Covid Alliance, a cross-disciplinary team of problem solvers helping cities adapt to COVID-19 using X-Mode’s location data.

Real time Policy Response, powered by Location

The Covid Alliance is a volunteer-powered nonprofit coalition bringing together best-in-class expertise across science, technology, and policy in a coordinated response to COVID-19. Using X-Mode’s location data — among other resources — the Alliance has built tools to aid policy makers and local governments in their pandemic response. Taking a privacy-centered, socially conscious approach, the Covid Alliance demonstrates the capability of location data to empower a variety of solutions during times of crisis. (Read about the Covid Alliance and X-Mode on our blog and in the Wall Street Journal!)

“As we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been of the utmost importance for us to be able to trust the quality of our geolocation data. X-Mode has clearly demonstrated that they hold themselves to the highest possible bar on their privacy-preserving policies, and their data panel has enabled previously unthinkable research to be undertaken across the country.”

Daniel Wein—Covid Alliance

We have big ideas about location data.